Register: Fishing Solutions to the Biodiversity and Climate Emergency

Register: Finding Solutions to the Biodiversity and Climate Emergency

Register below for Fishing Solutions to the Biodiversity and Climate Emergency

1600-1700 CEST, Wednesday 23rd September.

Virtual Briefing: International experts explain how the ocean is critical to the climate, biodiversity is critical to the ocean, and fisheries actions must help meet the ambition of the European Green Deal and 2030 Biodiversity Strategy.

Co-hosted by MEPs Grace O’Sullivan and Cesar Luena


Dr Karina von Schuckmann, Mercator Ocean International and IPCC SROCC author

Stephane Isoard, Head of Water & Marine Group, European Environment Agency

Professor Rashid Sumaila, Fisheries Economics Research Unit, Global Fisheries Cluster, University of British Columbia

Rebecca Hubbard, Programme Director, Our Fish

Languages: English, French and Spanish

The proposed EU 2030 Biodiversity Strategy sets out an intention to change the way we deal with nature in order to wind back its degradation, and protect and restore the natural systems that human health depends upon. The ocean must be a critical component of this strategy. It is the largest store of carbon and producer of oxygen, climate regulator, provider of food, and supporter of livelihoods and well-being; and scientists say that ending the destructive impacts of fishing on the ocean is crucial to our response to the biodiversity and climate emergency. The EU has an opportunity to turn science into action and display global leadership by pioneering this emerging issue, and bring this ambition to the global arena at the next UN negotiations of the Convention on Biological Diversity in China (COP15 in 2021). Hear how it can be done by joining this briefing.


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